The Afterglow bearers, the Ashen, do not long for what has been. They have brought distorted hedonism to the level of religion.

All they have is here and now, and each new sensation, even pain, is the most valuable. What matters to them is a hit of adrenaline and endorphins. In these endeavors, thay rub against the limits of madness.

Winter is the time when Marzanna wanders the world. Her every step heralds frost and death. Lady of Nawia, guardian of the key to the land of the dead, is not, however, an enemy of the people.

Every year Marzanna dies, returning to the roots of the World Tree, so that Jaryło can be reborn, and with him the warm days come. It is her sacriface that allows nature to revive after a winter sleep.



Collectible bust from Afterglow: Survivors line by Ignis Art – limited edition.

Bust has been released in limited number of 300 copies. Inside every box there is a certificate of authenticity with the number of the copy.



Scale: 1:10

Material: resin cast

Set includes 1 element. Miniature is sold unpainted.


Project: Iga Walczewska-Bińczyk

Concept art: Tomasz Ściolny

Sculpture: Thornbjørn Barone

Boxart: Alessandro Natale



Busts painted by our clients