The living embodiment of evil, chaos and death, which mercilessly exterminates all life around her and distorts the world with her filthy spawn. Anyone who looks into the eyes of Bazyliszek dies immediately or becomes petrified.

The way to kill the Bazyliszek is to make her look at her reflection in a mirror. Then she will perish from the power of her own gaze.



Collectible bust from Slavic Legends line by Ignis Art.

Highest quality resin cast.

Inside every box there is a certificate of authenticity with the number of the copy.


Scale: 1:10 

Material: resin cast

Set includes 8 elements. Miniature is sold unassembled and unpainted.


Project: Iga Walczewska-Bińczyk

Sculpture: Charles Agius

Boxart: Michał Pisarski

Production and casting: WARHOG.PL




Busts painted by our clients