Mother Earth, one of the most important and worshipped deities. The Goddess of fertility and harvest, protector of women. The blessed siol that gives life and crops to feed all those who live faithful togods and ancient traditions.

As a part of the Living Water, together with Rodzanicas, she intertwined the fate of the world. It was forbidden to strike the ground, to dig and plow, to drive stakes or to spit on it.



Collectible bust from Slavic Legends: Nawia line by Ignis Art. 

Highest quality resin cast.

Inside every box there is a certificate of authenticity with the number of the copy.


Scale: 1:10 

Material: resin cast

Set includes 8 elements. Miniature is sold unassembled and unpainted.


Project: Iga Walczewska-Bińczyk

Concept art: Katarzyna Kaczmarek

Sculpture: Daniele Danko Angelozzi

Boxart: Michał Pisarski

Production and casting: WARHOG.PL



Busts painted by our clients