She is the ruler of the wild. Protectress of animals, defending the forest with her bow and spear. At the sound of her hunting horn all animals and wild beasts gather by her side.

Dziewanna is not a cruel deity. Sitting atop a white deer, she escorts to Nawia the souls of the chosen ones, those whom she gave her blessing.



Collectible bust from Slavic Legends: Nawia line by Ignis Art – limited edition. 

Bust has been released in limited number of 300 copies. Inside every box there is a certificate of authenticity with the number of the copy.


Scale: 1:10 

Material: resin cast

Set includes 6 elements. Miniature is sold unassembled and unpainted.


Project: Iga Walczewska-Bińczyk

Concept art: Małgorzata Motyka-Karnas

Sculpture: Daniele Danko Angelozzi

Boxart: Michał Pisarski



Busts painted by our clients