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Devil’s Trill


Devil’s Trill is a story of a romance and a tragic death, of fear and hope, damnation and salvation of the soul.

It is a story referred to medieval notions of the last moments before death. That’s why the angel Maveth weeps over the dying woman, playing the flute to the melody of the devil called Samael.


Set of three collectible miniatures in 75 mm scale. Top quality cast in resin.

This set is a part of the 75 Dreams line from Ignis Art studio.


Limited product – this set has been released in a limited number of 150 copies.



– 1 Gwendoline miniature (2 elements + resin base)

– 1 Maveth miniature (9 elements + resin base)

– 1 Samael miniature (10 elements + 4 resin base elements)

– 3 cards with certificates confirming the authenticity of the products and the copy numbers – one for each model included

– 1 Devil’s Trill art print insert

– 3 stickers with Gwendoline, Maveth and Samael arts

– 1 Ignis Art sticker



Scale: 75 mm

Material: resin cast

Miniatures are sold unassembled and unpainted.


Project: Iga Walczewska-Bińczyk

Concept art: Małgorzata Motyka-Karnas

Sculpture: Victor Aguilar

Box art: Michał Pisarski




Busts painted by our clients