About Ignis  Art


Ignis Art is a Polish brand created by the married couple Iga Walczewska and Oskar Walczewski. Our studio was created out of a passion for makeing miniatures and a love of history and fantasy.We started our adventure with creating busts with the Lesza model, which is now iconic. The idea for a line of models about Slavic mythology was based on our interests explored during historical studies, because we are both historians by profession. Since we were also close to the world of broadly understood fantasy, it was natural to combine both worlds and summarize it in the form of the Slavic Legends line.
The next stage was to expand our offer with other lines related to both the world of myths and fairy tales. Also important step for us was to establish cooperation with Melanie Delon, whose works perfectly fit the style of Ignis Art, which always tries to smuggle unobtrusive and subtle sensuality into its models, presented in an interesting form.
As a studio creating models, we always carefully refine our ideas for subsequent miniatures, starting from source work on each character, through creating a description based on which a concept art is created, and then a sculpture. We take care of every detail for you, creating high-quality resin castings in our foundry and carefully packing each model so that you receive the highest quality product.